How do you manage payment for a dadcheck®gold DNA test?

In the case of a s20 court order, it is sometimes specified that the costs will be shared between the parties. With respect to Complement Genomics Ltd, the entity placing the order with us (the contracting party or Lead Body) is responsible for payment of the entire fee, on 30 days terms. It is also your (e.g. the contracting solicitor) responsibility to distribute the test results to your clients and to the other parties involved in the test. However, to allow for the practicalities, especially if an application for a Legal Aid Agency certificate has been approved or is being made, then we may agree to “split invoicing”. That is, we will issue you with invoices for distribution to the other parties, so that they may pay us directly for their share. This will hopefully reduce your administrative burden but please be aware, that although a Court Order may state that the costs are to be shared, under our Terms and Conditions of Sale, the ultimate responsibility for the whole bill rests with the ordering party (or Lead body), including any part shares where one party has not paid after 60 days. Whilst this is not ideal, we hope it helps to move the process along.