Who will collect the sample for the DNA test?

Legislation requires that we must control the process of sample collections for the purpose of a DNA test. 

Our preference is for dadcheck®gold (Complement Genomics Ltd) staff or our trained registered sample collectors to undertake the sampling. We have a network of collectors throughout the UK who will collect these samples on date and time suitable for the family.

We have also developed a free online training and registration system for legal professionals and social services, which will both simplify and save costs on legal aid work. Our online training will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time to a) read and digest a work instruction b) read and digest our FAQs and c) answer a series of multiple-choice questions. 

Most Home Office and Passport Office applications will allow for the samples to be taken at a medical centre of the families choice. This gives the family much more flexibility.  We have worked with many medical centre’s worldwide and we may be able to recommend a clinic to you.