What is the consent form?

All individuals giving a cell sample for a dadcheck®gold DNA test must give their consent for the test by signing the consent form which we will provide during the sampling process.

For a child (under 16) we will need the consent of a person with Parental Responsibility for the child. We have provided a FAQ below, which explains Parental Responsibility.  

An individual may withdraw their consent (or their consent on behalf of a child) at any time during the testing process. Consideration should also be given to the issue of Gillick Competence when testing older children e.g. 10+ years and under the age of 16 years. That is, their views should be taken into account if they are mature enough to understand the nature and possible consequences of the test. You should be aware that it is a serious offence for any of your clients to personate another body for the purpose of providing a bodily sample or to proffer the wrong child for that purpose. This is punishable by imprisonment.