Can you test without the mother?

The dadcheck®gold paternity test is conclusive (a Probability of Paternity greater than 99.999%) if we can test all three of the child, mother and alleged father.  

A test without a sample from the mother will not provide the same degree of certainty as a test with samples from both parents.  

Similarly, for immigration purposes, a maternity test will be less conclusive if we are unable to test the father.  

However, for various reasons, it is not always possible to gain access to both parents. For example, we have had court ordered tests where the mother has agreed to the test but then cannot be contacted by the local authority for an appointment. In such cases, and upon instruction from the ordering party, we are obliged to proceed with the child and the alleged father only. In any event, the alleged father may be excluded from parentage with 100% certainty whether the mother participates or not.