What is required for donor identity verification?

In order to prove the identity of the donors, we will require the adult donor to provide ONE of the following during their sampling appointment: –

  • Current signed passport
  • Travel documents issued to foreign nationals granted permission to remain in the UK –
  • Current full UK photo card driving licence
  • Current EU/EAA identity card
  • Current CIS (Construction Industry Certificate) CIS4 or CIS6
  • HMRC PAYE coding notice for the current tax year
  • Current Benefits Agency/DWP notification letter (less than 5 months old)
  • Current EU Residence permit
  • Other photo IDs may be acceptable, but only after our specific written approval.

We will take a digital photograph the relevant parts of the documentation at the time of sampling.

The donor will also be photographed at the time of sampling.

On occasion the donors may not have any of these forms of identification and we will then ask the instruction solicitor or social worker(as an independent third party) to verify that the individual is who they say they are.

For children (under 16) where the above documents may not be available, then we would like to see the original birth certificate please, and ideally the full version where there is provision for the name of the father.