Who will collect the cheek cell (buccal) sample for the DNA test?

Legislation requires that we must control the process of sample collections for the purpose of a DNA test.  

Our preference is for dadcheck®gold (Complement Genomics Ltd) staff to undertake the sampling. This may not always be possible and hence we maintain a list of registered samplers. If there is one of these in the area of the donor(s) we will arrange for the samples to be taken.  

We have also developed a free online training and registration system, which will both simplify and save costs on legal aid work. Our online training will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time to a) read and digest a work instruction b) read and digest our FAQs and c) answer a series of multiple-choice questions.  

For immigration cases, the nearest British High Commission may be amenable to taking the sample from your client and we will send them the sampling kit and instructions. We already have good relations with several of these offices and so may be able to assist. 

Most Home Office and Passport Office applications will allow for the samples to be taken at a medical centre of the families choice. This gives the family much more flexibility.  We have worked with many medical centre’s worldwide and we may be able to recommend a clinic to you.